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What the EU risks by opening up its market to Brazilian sugar cane ethanol


ePURE’s Emmanuel Desplechin writes in Euractiv on the EU-Mercosur trade deal: “Free and fair trade that helps boost economic growth and create jobs is a concept most people support, at least in theory…

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MEPs criticise Commission’s ‘flawed’ policy on post-2020 biofuels


The European Commission’s “scientifically unfounded” U-turn on biofuels will have significant implications for the agriculture sector and risks increasing the imports of GM animal feed from third coun…

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EU slammed for sitting on report showing benefits of biofuels


Farmers Guardian reports on questions being raised about why the European Commission delayed the release of a report that showed crop-based biofuels could reduce emissions of dangerous pollutants and …

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More ethanol equals improved air quality and reduced oil dependency


A new report from the European Commission highlights several benefits of higher ethanol blends in petrol, including reduced emissions of dangerous pollutants and improvements in car engine performance…

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A major moment for ethanol in Europe


The next few months are sure to be a crucial period for the European ethanol industry, as European Union policymakers grapple with new legislation that could phase out crop-based biofuels after 2020. …

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How biofuels can help assure Europe’s climate leadership role


Europe has long positioned itself as a global leader in the fight against climate change. Now, with the U.S. government declaring its withdrawal from the historic Paris Agreement, the EU’s leadership …