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Ethanol and transport – Its role in climate action


Transport is the second biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the world, accounting for more than one fifth of all emissions. Progress in reducing these emissions is among the slowest of…

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Green MEP: Sustainability criteria will distinguish ‘good’ and ‘bad’ biofuels


As part of its special report on biofuels, Euractiv interviews Dutch Green MEP and ENVI Committee RED II rapporteur Bas Eickhout, on sustainability criteria for biofuels. Eickhout discusses the RED II…

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Biofuel debate a political hot potato as EU renewable energy law nears home straight


Euractiv begins a week-long Special Report on EU biofuels policy with an overview of the political situation. “Talks over how to decarbonise the EU’s transport fleet are heating up. As policymakers pr…

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What the EU risks by opening up its market to Brazilian sugar cane ethanol


ePURE’s Emmanuel Desplechin writes in Euractiv on the EU-Mercosur trade deal: “Free and fair trade that helps boost economic growth and create jobs is a concept most people support, at least in theory…

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MEPs criticise Commission’s ‘flawed’ policy on post-2020 biofuels


The European Commission’s “scientifically unfounded” U-turn on biofuels will have significant implications for the agriculture sector and risks increasing the imports of GM animal feed from third coun…

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EU slammed for sitting on report showing benefits of biofuels


Farmers Guardian reports on questions being raised about why the European Commission delayed the release of a report that showed crop-based biofuels could reduce emissions of dangerous pollutants and…