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MEPs support keeping sustainable European biofuels in the EU energy mix


Brussels, 29 June 2017 – The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee voted Thursday on its opinion on the European Strategy for Low Emission Mobility – and sh…

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Renewable European ethanol delivered higher greenhouse gas savings than ever before in 2016


According to latest producer data, ethanol production and use scored better than 66% average savings over fossil petrol – yet another increase in ethanol’s EU decarbonisation performance.

Brussels, 7 J…

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More ambition needed to decarbonise EU transport, energy experts say


Commission should not ignore contribution of GHG-saving conventional biofuels

Brussels – Europe needs a realistic mix of renewable energy solutions – including low-emission options such as sustainably …

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Poll: Europeans want EU policy to promote crop-based biofuels


Europeans overwhelmingly support the use of conventional biofuels made from crops and believe EU policy should encourage it, according to an EU-wide opinion survey released today. More than 69 percent…

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Experts tell MEPs: Proposal to phase out conventional biofuels threatens EU climate ambitions


The European Commission's proposed phase-out of conventional biofuels by 2030 threatens to remove one of the EU's best options for reducing greenhouse gases and decarbonising transport, energy experts…