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Activity Report 2016-2017 (ePURE)

31 May, 2017

ePURE's Annual Activity Report 2016-2017 in pdf format.

Sustainable Rural Renaissance: The Case of a Biorefinery

08 May, 2017

A study conducted by the Regional and Economic Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences focused on Pannonia Ethanol, a company which is located in Dunaföldvár in Hungary and produces fuel ethanol and animal feed. The Pannonia Ethanol biorefinery produces 500 million litres of ethanol per year. and its value amounts to €181 million, representing almost 10% of the total capital investment in Hungary in 2010 and nearly 1% of all capital investment in the country between 2011 and 2015. The study found the company has brought an added value to the local rural development, ranging from employment to everyday farming and a halt to “brain drain”.

Poll: Europeans want EU policy to promote crop-based biofuels

23 January, 2017

Europeans overwhelmingly support the use of conventional biofuels made from crops and believe EU policy should encourage it, according to an EU-wide opinion survey released today. More than 69 percent of Europeans surveyed say conventional biofuels should be encouraged, while just 15 percent think they should not, according to the EuroPulse poll of 11,283 respondents in 28 EU countries. The survey also found that 68 percent of Europeans favour EU policies to support crop-based conventional biofuels, while just 12 percent are against such policies.