About Ethanol

Ethanol Benefits

Renewable ethanol is one of the most cost-effective carbon-abatement tools in transport. It is widely available in Europe and offers a realistic, climate-friendly alternative to fossil petrol. At low levels of blending in regular petrol (E5/E10), renewable ethanol does not need entirely new infrastructures, or major changes to the current vehicle fleet, to move goods and people from one place to another.

Renewable ethanol has many benefits because it:

  1. Reduces GHG emissions and can help improve air quality
  2. Encourages new technological innovation in advanced technologies
  3. Creates jobs and economic growth in rural areas of Europe
  4. Reduces Europe’s heavy dependence on imported oil by substituting petrol
  5. Encourages farmers to boost productivity, bring abandoned land back into production and use sustainable land use techniques
  6. Produces much needed high-protein, GMO-free animal feed, reducing Europe’s dependence on animal feed imports