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The practical solution hidden in the EU’s 2050 climate-neutral strategy


The new long-term decarbonisation strategy unveiled by the Commission on 28 November offers an ambitious vision of a carbon-neutral future for the EU and says almost all the right things, but it large…

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A reality check on clean mobility


Emmanuel Desplechin, ePURE’s Secretary General, writes in Ethanol Producer Magazine: “The EU has high hopes for lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cars and light-duty vehicles in the coming…

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Renewable ethanol plays an essential role in the EU energy mix


Emmanuel Desplechin, ePURE's Secretary General, discusses in a Q&A the impact of future EU policies on the ethanol industry, and the place of biofuels in the energy mix.

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Advanced biofuels are key to decarbonising transport


The recent agreements on the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) are setting the tone for creating a stable and predictable business environment that will trigger the development of and invest…

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EU clean mobility push needs low-carbon fuels to succeed, study finds


The EU’s Clean Mobility Package aims to reduce road transport emissions over the long term, but it is not taking full advantage of an important decarbonization tool we can use right now: renewable eth…

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European ethanol hits major targets in global fight against climate change


ePURE, the European renewable ethanol association, has found that the use of European ethanol has delivered an average of more than 70% greenhouse-gas reduction compared to fossil fuel in 2017. The st…

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NGOs tell Commission to listen to science and differentiate biofuels


EURACTIV reports that a coalition of Czech and Slovak NGOs has called on the European Commission to draw a line in the Renewable Energy Directive revision (RED II) between more sustainable ethanol and…

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Europe’s renewables ‘multipliers’ only subtract


ePure's Emmanuel Desplechin writes his column about Europe's renewables policies and the loopholes that reduce their impact. European lawmakers are finalizing the EU’s renewable energy policy for 202…

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Biofuels can help solve climate change, especially with a carbon tax


John Abraham writes in the Guardian on how biofuels production can be optimized by looking at life-cycle analysis and finding a balance between economic and environmental factors: “Facing the reality…

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EU Bioeconomy 2.0 – Cultivating a home-grown success


Joanna Dupont, Director of Industrial Biotech and Cross-Sectoral Strategy at EuropaBio, writes in EURACTIV that the EU’s Bioeconomy Strategy, currently under revision, is slowly but surely propagating…

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What EU Member States say about biofuels in transport


A new article in EURACTIV looks at national positions on biofuels in transport as the RED II trilogue negotiations get under way. The vast majority of EU Member States, especially the Visegrad countri…

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Farmers defend biofuels as part of EU’s upcoming ‘protein strategy’


There is a need to maintain the EU’s main source of protein feed that are the co-product of biofuels, the European farmers association Copa-Cogeca told as the Commission announced its int…

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How to get the EU's biofuels policy moving again


After a year of debate focusing on what the European Union’s renewable energy policy should look like post-2020, Europe now must decide among several different visions—especially when it comes to biof…

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EU needs advanced biofuels boost to reach climate goals, transport decarbonisation


The International Energy Agency confirms that sustainable biofuels are needed to secure transport decarbonisation. The European Parliament’s Industry Committee, for its part, confirms the need to set…

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MEPs raise ambition on transport with sustainable biofuels


EURACTIV reports that “contrary to the European Commission’s initial proposal, the European Parliament voted on Tuesday to increase targets for sustainable energy and reintroduce a sub-target for tran…

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How the European Parliament can save the EU’s biofuels policy


ePURE’s Emmanuel Desplechin writes in POLITICO on how the European Parliament can move EU biofuels legislation forward: “If you have been following the EU biofuels debate lately, your head is probably…

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A realistic look at the promise of electric cars


An article in Fortune magazine, titled “If You Think Electric Cars Will Save the Planet, Think Again,” looks at the impact electric vehicles will have on climate change: “So you think Climate Ch…

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Ethanol and transport – Its role in climate action


Transport is the second biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the world, accounting for more than one fifth of all emissions. Progress in reducing these emissions is among the slowest of…

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Green MEP: Sustainability criteria will distinguish ‘good’ and ‘bad’ biofuels


As part of its special report on biofuels, Euractiv interviews Dutch Green MEP and ENVI Committee RED II rapporteur Bas Eickhout, on sustainability criteria for biofuels. Eickhout discusses the RED II…

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Biofuel debate a political hot potato as EU renewable energy law nears home straight


Euractiv begins a week-long Special Report on EU biofuels policy with an overview of the political situation. “Talks over how to decarbonise the EU’s transport fleet are heating up. As policymakers pr…

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What the EU risks by opening up its market to Brazilian sugar cane ethanol


ePURE’s Emmanuel Desplechin writes in Euractiv on the EU-Mercosur trade deal: “Free and fair trade that helps boost economic growth and create jobs is a concept most people support, at least in theory…

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MEPs criticise Commission’s ‘flawed’ policy on post-2020 biofuels


The European Commission’s “scientifically unfounded” U-turn on biofuels will have significant implications for the agriculture sector and risks increasing the imports of GM animal feed from third coun…

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EU slammed for sitting on report showing benefits of biofuels


Farmers Guardian reports on questions being raised about why the European Commission delayed the release of a report that showed crop-based biofuels could reduce emissions of dangerous pollutants and…

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More ethanol equals improved air quality and reduced oil dependency


A new report from the European Commission highlights several benefits of higher ethanol blends in petrol, including reduced emissions of dangerous pollutants and improvements in car engine performance…

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A major moment for ethanol in Europe


The next few months are sure to be a crucial period for the European ethanol industry, as European Union policymakers grapple with new legislation that could phase out crop-based biofuels after 2020.…

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How biofuels can help assure Europe’s climate leadership role


Europe has long positioned itself as a global leader in the fight against climate change. Now, with the U.S. government declaring its withdrawal from the historic Paris Agreement, the EU’s leadership…

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MEPs ask Commission to distinguish ‘good and bad’ crop-based biofuels


EURACTIV - The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee endorsed on Thursday (29 June) its opinion on the European Strategy for Low Emission Mobility, calling…

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Biomass and biofuels in the EU: Emotion-based policymaking?


EURACTIV - The European Commission’s tinkering on biomass policy effectively promotes oil over economically viable and sustainable biofuels, writes Francis X. Johnson, senior research fellow at the St…

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Biofuels are an essential part of the energy transition - MEPs Hans-Olaf Henkel and Marijana Petir


Parliament Magazine - Hans-Olaf Henkel, Parliament's ECR group shadow rapporteur on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, believes that, "we need an EU-wide renewable energy targe…

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The future fuel Europe already has in the tank


POLITICO - The European Commission has just told the Belgian government that it needs to do a better job of tackling “serious air pollution problems” from vehicle emissions. That is, of course, an ad…

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Industry and farmers see biofuels as a crucial market ‘outside CAP’


EURACTIV - Farmers see biofuels as a crucial source of income but investors clashed with NGOs at an event organised by EURACTIV last week (12 May), over the European Commission’s post-2020 biofuels pr…

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E10 triumphs in France, ethanol demand rises


ARGUS MEDIA - E10 is about to be crowned the biggest selling gasoline grade in France in early 2017, following an imminent data revision by the industry. French ethanol consumption rose in the firs…

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What’s really behind EU support for crop-based biofuels?


POLITICO - With emissions scandals and concerns about urban air quality making headlines nearly every day, it is no wonder that people across Europe are calling for change in EU environmental and ener…

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Five things you need to know about the ‘food vs fuel’ debate


POLITICO - The European Commission wants to phase out the use of crop-based biofuels in Europe, even though biofuels like renewable ethanol are currently the main driver of EU transport decarbonizatio…

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ePURE adopts position paper on REDII proposal


Decarbonising the EU transport sector requires concrete and realistic policies. The European Commission’s proposal for a revised Renewable Energy Directive does not deliver in this regard. Post-2020,…

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UK producers say proposal for biofuel cap will lead to plant closure


FINANCIAL TIMES - Ministers plan to limit or ban crop-based renewable fuel to encourage use of waste Thousands of jobs will be at risk and hundreds of millions of pounds in investment written off i…

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Falling in love again… with biofuels?


POLITICO - As the saying goes, love is blind. But what happens when the honeymoon is over and you realize the other partner isn’t perfect? We can draw a parallel with what has happened to biofuels…

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Why the EU shouldn’t backtrack on conventional biofuels


POLITICO - Europe needs more ambition if it wants to decarbonize transport. By Emmanuel Desplechin, secretary general, ePURE Europe needs a realistic mix of renewable energy solutions — includi…

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Record cereal production to boost global supplies in 2016/17


Confirming prospects of a record harvest, FAO’s estimate of world cereal production in 2016 has been lifted further to 2 592 million tonnes, up 15 million tonnes (0.6 percent) from December. This mont…

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Sluggish renewables investment poses challenge to EU energy plans


EURACTIV - European investment in renewables has dropped by half since 2011, but the EU remains “well on track” to hit its 2020 target of boosting the sector by 20%, the European Commission said today…

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EU hails clean energy 'year of delivery'


BUSINESS GREEN - Brussels confirms bloc is on track to meet its renewables, energy efficiency and carbon emission targets for 2020, as Commissioner declares "there is no alternative" The European U…

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Survey: EU citizens supportive of conventional biofuels use


EURACTIV - The vast majority of European citizens believe that food-based biofuels should be promoted by the EU, according to a new industry-funded opinion poll published today (23 January). Last J…

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How a biofuels phase-out would hit Europe’s struggling farmers


POLITICO - Growers in the EU are helping meet climate and energy goals. Don’t abandon them now. By Mark Chesworth, managing director, Vivergo Fuels Biofuels are essential for meeting EU climate…

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ePURE member launches Youtube video series "2030 climate ethanol for Europe"


ePURE member Pannonia Ethanol has released a Youtube video series outlining how European ethanol is crucial for meeting the EU climate goals. The series titled "Truth about European Climate Ethanol" i…

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Q&A: Tough EU battle ahead for ethanol says ePURE


ARGUS MEDIA - Recently appointed secretary of the European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) Emmanuel Desplechin told Argus the continent's ethanol industry is facing a crucial battle for survival…

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EU risks missing climate goals without ‘sustainable’ biofuels, experts warn


EURACTIV - The European Commission’s proposal to gradually phase out “sustainable” first generation biofuels will prevent the EU from meeting its 2030 climate goals, experts claim. In November last…

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Commission risks killing sustainable renewable energy in transport. Here’s why.


POLITICO - In November, global leaders gathered at UN Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech to reiterate their commitment to the Paris Agreement and to direct action on climate change. In a tim…

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EU biofuels curbs would 'put quality feed supplies at risk'


The European Union, which already imports some $12bn of plant proteins for feed, would raise further its reliance on buy-ins by implementing plans to cut biofuel production, farmers groups Copa and Co…

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The low ILUC impact of European renewable ethanol


POLITICO - Binding EU directives, the European Parliament, the Council and the Court of Auditors all recognize the time has come for Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) to be reflected in biofuel policy.…

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Commission admits policing biofuels according to public opinion


The European Commission’s proposal for a gradual phase-out of conventional biofuels was based on public opinion, an EU official admitted. Last July, the EU executive published a European Strategy for…

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EU Commission is ignoring its own science in bid to kill biofuels


POLITICO - Transport is central to our everyday lives and mobility is an integral part of economic activity in Europe. However, we sometimes forget that our vehicles need energy, 95 percent of which c…

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US food versus fuel: a debate losing its rage


A few years ago the “food versus fuel” debate raged in Washington. It centred on whether the US government’s corn ethanol mandate squeezed scarce grain supplies and pushed up food prices. Yet last we…

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ePURE launches video about European ethanol and its role in decarbonising transport


The transport sector currently accounts for 25% of the Europe's total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and while it has started to experience a small decrease of its emissions since 2008, it is the onl…

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Biofuels are vital to decarbonising the EU’s road transport


2016 is a crucial year for European transport with the European Commission due to publish a communication on decarbonising transport this summer. Europe’s poor record when it comes to transport greenh…

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Blog: Now is not the time to kiss biofuels goodbye


When the proposals that led to the RED (Renewable Energy Directive) were introduced, few could have envisaged the rancorous and frequently distorted debate that was to follow. Initially, biofuels were…

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Blog: EU’s 2030 climate and energy objectives will be missed without biofuels


Transport is at the centre of our economy. Mobility is a prerequisite for growth. The transport sector is also very thirsty for energy, using mainly oil to propel itself. Today, the European transport…

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Decarbonising road transport must be prioritised


Decarbonising European transport requires urgent action, but we are missing crucial opportunities to capitalise on available solutions, writes Robert Wright. Robert Wright is Secretary General of e…

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Ten billion euros of investment in advanced biofuels


We receive and publish with pleasure this comment by James Cogan. He is a technology, industry and policy analyst collaborating with PNO Innovation in Brussels and with a number of public and private…

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More biofuels with low environmental impact possible, scientists say


EU countries could increase their production of biofuels with a minimum impact on the environment, Utrecht University scientists concluded in a study published on Tuesday (13 January). ILUC has been a…

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EU Must Keep Benefits of Sustainable Biofuels in Sight


These are still uncertain times for the European ethanol industry. Discussions in the EU are well underway to revise the current EU biofuels policy, which expires in 2020, and the EU has not indicated…

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Europe neglecting biofuel opportunities


EU policy must help to realise the potential of European biorefineries, says Norica Nicolai MEP. Biorefineries and renewable ethanol have never been more important to Europe’s future. Renewable ethano…