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MEPs criticise Commission’s ‘flawed’ policy on post-2020 biofuels

11 September, 2017

The European Commission’s “scientifically unfounded” U-turn on biofuels will have significant implications for the agriculture sector and risks increasing the imports of GM animal feed from third countries, lawmakers warned at a 6 September event in the European Parliament. Swedish Moderate Party MEP Christofer Fjellner (EPP) insisted that the executive’s proposal on post-2020 biofuels lacked scientific evidence. Another speaker at the event, Simon Godwin, chair of the Impact Assessment Institute, a think tank for evidence-based policy making, said the idea of phasing out food-based biofuels was not evidence based, and that “keeping the details of how socio-economic effects are calculated from those who are affected is not a correct way to do public policy.”